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The Secret to Making Perfect Turkey Stock

Making good stock, or broth, is a great tool for any cook to have. It is always easy to buy a package of broth, but why do that when you can make your own and add only the ingredients you want to have? Not only does this make perfect sense for the frugal chef, it is also perfect timing for the holidays. Let's take a look at the 6 amazingly easy steps to the perfect turkey stock. Clean Your Carcass The first thing you need, in order to make stock, is a carcass. The holidays provide a perfect opportunity fo...


Give Your Favorite Foods a Healthy Boost With Quinoa

Comfort foods are a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. They are hot and hearty and often remind you of your childhood. With the ability to transport you back through the years, comfort foods are the perfect way to relax and unwind. But are they the perfect way to eat healthy? Maybe not always. A great way to pack in the nutrition is to incorporate quinoa into your old classics. Quinoa will not only add nutrition, but also new flavors and textures. Let's look at three of the most common comfort foods a...


Making the Perfect Brown Bag Lunch

Brown bag lunches today are not your mother’s lunch packing job. For kids, brown bag lunches have gone all modern and flashy. When you offer a brown bag lunch to your kids or other members of the family, here are some essentials to have on hand. 1. The packaging is part of the presentation. Whether you use a brown paper bag or a lunch box, express your own style. A brown paper bag can be decorated with stickers or unique drawings if you are gifted with the talent. Lunch boxes used to be metal and co...


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